The Fight Against Islamic State (2017)

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About Documentary

Islamic State (ISIS) and their influence spread like a cancer across the Middle East. Hundreds of men went to join the caliphate in Iraq and Syria. At the same time hundreds of volunteers went to join Kurdish Forces to fight back against the spread of evil in the region.

Former Royal Marines Commando turned documentary maker, Emile Ghessen, swapped his rifle for a camera to document the plight of international volunteers fighting Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Emile approached this project as a completely self-funded filmmaker/director and filmed this documentary solo.

The first instalment of what would become The Robin Hood Complex Series Emile explores what motives men from around the world who went to Iraq and Syria to stand and fight against Islamic State, unpaid, undermanned and in constant fear of being killed or being arrested by the authorities on their return home.

Emile had no experience working as a journalist or documentary maker prior to taking on this challenge to capture the reasons why international volunteers travelled to the Middle East to fight ISIS.

Themes: Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Levant, Middle East, Syria, Iraq, Islam Fundamentalism, Volunteer Fighters

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Emile’s work requires extensive travel, production and networking to tell the true stories of those that fight in modern irregular conflict. He works tirelessly to deliver documentaries and insights about people who take up arms to fight. He is currently raising money to complete the editing and post-production activity for his latest documentary: 45 Days – The Fight For A Nation. You can show your support on GoFundMe.