Europe’s Forgotten War (2019)

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About Documentary

In 2014, riots in Ukraine turned bloody resulting in armed conflict. Russia invaded Crimea and the Pro-Russian Separatists loyal to Russia in Donbass, rose to cut ties with Ukraine. Since the start of the conflict, thousands of international volunteers have travelled to the region to join both the Ukrainian military and the Pro-Russian Separatists. This next instalment of The Robin Hood Complex Series explores what motives individuals to join the fighting in a conflict that has been forgotten about by the world.

Emile filmed and directed this project after this breakout success The Fight Against Islamic State (2017) where he travelled to Iraq and Syria to meet western fighters who joined the conflict to fight against ISIS. In Georgia Emile further developed his perspective as a documentary filmmaker and irregular conflict video journalist capturing new views from the Caucasus region.

Themes: Georgia, Russia, Crimea, Pro Russian Separatists, Fake News, Disinformation, Irregular Conflict, Volunteer Fighters 

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Emile’s work requires extensive travel, production and networking to tell the true stories of those that fight in modern irregular conflict. He works tirelessly to deliver documentaries and insights about people who take up arms to fight. He is currently raising money to complete the editing and post-production activity for his latest documentary: 45 Days – The Fight For A Nation. You can show your support on GoFundMe.