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Why do people take up arms and fight?

Modern day and irregular conflcts around the world ordinary men and woman take up arms to fight. Since travelling to Syria to cover the fight against ISIS, Emile has been exploring the people that fight in wars at home and away. The Robin Hood Complex is a documentary series that features the stories of those that risk it all. Emile produces raw content covering teh characteristics of the fighters, their experiences, the turmoil of modern irregular conflict and the political fallout that comes after it. 

breakout documentary - trailer (2017)

The Fight Against Islamic State

Islamic States influence spread like a cancer across the Middle East. Hundreds of men went to join the caliphate in Iraq and Syria. At the same time hundreds of volunteers went to join Kurdish Forces to fight back against the spread of evil in the region. Robin Hood Complex explores what motives men from around the world who went to Iraq and Syria to stand and fight against Islamic State, unpaid, undermanned and in constant fear of being killed or being arrested by the authorities on their return home.

joining the ukranian conflict - trailer (2019)

Europe's Forgotten War

In 2014, riots in Ukraine turned bloody resulting in armed conflict. Russia took over Crimea and the Pro-Russian Separatists loyal to Russia in Donbass, rose up to cut ties with Ukraine. Since the start of the conflict, thousands of international volunteers have travelled to the region to join both the Ukrainian military and the Pro-Russian Separatists. Robin Hood Complex explores what motives individuals to join the fighting in a conflict that’s been forgotten about by the world.

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45 Days - The Fight For A Nation

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In 2020, during the Coronarvirus pandemic, the world was shocked to see Armenia and Azerbaijan enter open conflict in the region of Artsakh. Recognising the significant amount of disinformation emerging from the war and lack of world news coverage, Emile traveled the region and embedded himself with local people – those who took up arms to fight. This is their story. Emile appreciate’s his audience’s support and asks you contribute, via his GoFundMe, towards the post-production costs of this film.