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Emile Ghessen served in the elite British Royal Marines for 12 years.  Upon leaving the Corps in 2012, at the rank of Sgt, he went on the work as a high-profile bodyguard and security consultant in commercial shipping – but he wasn’t content. Being being half-Syrian and ISIS dominating the news headlines, Emile was drawn to the conflict and travelled out to the Middle East armed with a single camera to tell the stories of those on the frontlines. Today, he is an award conflict documentary filmaker and journalist with millions of views on Amazon Prime, YouTube and Instagram. 


Emile Ghessen is British-Syrian conflict documentary journalist and reporter. He was recruited to the elite Royal Marine Commandos as a young man, attending CTC Lympstone near Exeter, United Kingdom. During his service he saw action in Afghanistan and Iraq, worked as a recruit instructor and travelled the world. Now he is an expert filmaker and journalist embedding himself into hot zones of irregular conflict and warfare. His filmaking travels have taken him to Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and Armenia to cover conflict on the front lines and understand those who fight in these wars. You can show your support for his work here. 

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Emile has been an active conflict documentary filmaker with his company, Sandbag Media, since 2016. He has produced major documentaries with content airing on Amazon, YouTube, Instagram and other platforms with millions of views. Emile provides his audience with raw content and insights from those who take up arms to fight. His elite military experience with the British Royal Marines mean he has earned the networks required to embed himself into conflict zones in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and Armenia. 

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In 2020, during the Coronarvirus pandemic, the world was shocked to see Armenia and Azerbaijan enter open conflict in the region of Artsakh. Recognising the significant amount of disinformation emerging from the war and lack of world news coverage, Emile traveled the region and embedded himself with local people – those who took up arms to fight. This is their story.

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Emile’s work requires extensive travel, production and networking to tell the true stories of those that fight in modern irregular conflict. He works tirelessly to deliver documentaries and insights about people who take up arms to fight. 

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